Web Design


Every type of design is all about clarity. The clearer a web design, the clearer the message becomes for the viewer. According to this principle, I create websites and designs for customers who want more than the usual standard. A web design at a new level.

Business Websites


A business website usually requires an individually developed structure, adapted to the type of company. A major part of this is whether it is a service, or a product to be presented. We focus our web designing on the later viewer of the page and on what action you want to move. As a result, the viewer should be guided by a website, but this must be clearly structured. To achieve this, we work with the most up-to-date knowledge of man’s mindset. From about 2.500 €



At an online shop, optics also play a decisive role in addition to its function. A modern, beautifully designed and reputable online shop drastically reduces the customer’s bounce rate in the first seconds and gives your customers a reputable and trustworthy impression. Likewise, behavioral psychology plays an important role in knowing how the customer needs to be guided to the goal. Disturbing factors such as an overly complicated purchase process or too many clicks at the end of the purchase should be avoided in every web design. From about 3.000 €

One-Page Web Design


The modern one-page design consists of only one vertically scrollable page that contains all information relevant to the visitor. Such a structure offers the advantage that all the contents can be arranged on one another. Operators of a business website can present their products or services more directly at a lesser effort. From a certain amount of content, however, a website should contain several subpages, so a one-page web design is only a solution to present the services at a glance. From about 1,200 €

Blog Design


A blog as a kind of online diary which fulfills other purposes than a business website and therefore requires a different structure. Thanks to our experience, we know what a blog is all about and how income can be generated from it. Starting with Adwords integration, Onlineshop, Amazon Partner Network, Paypal donations, and much more. Of course, we also offer the complete package of logo design, style creation, video clip design for Vlogs, as well as the complete creation of a new blog with import of the previous posts. Blog only from approx. 1,200 €

Analysis & Optimization


Accurate behavioral analyzes of your visitors provide basic information to optimize a website. We work with state-of-the-art analysis tools to analyze the behavior of your visitors down to the smallest detail. Thanks to Google connectivity, we can track how the visitor came to your site, what pages he looks at, and whether he does it via a PC or Smartphone. By means of a heat map program, we can see exactly what visitors click on most frequently and a content analytic software can be used to determine exactly which content is the most interesting for visitors. We help you expand and grow your business.






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