In any form of marketing campaign, there are numerous factors that determine whether and how the message of the campaign arrives the viewer. For every form of marketing, I offer the right solution. From the maintenance of your Instagram account to the turning of your TV commercial or image film.

Print Campaigns


I always distinguish between two purposes of a campaign. Should this merely serve to promote branding or move the viewer to a specific action? The classic forms of a print campaign include, for example, strategic advertisements in newspapers and magazines or as poster advertising. Every campaign is devised down to the smallest detail and each motif optimally adapted to your target group. For example, if your target group consists primarily of men in craft trades, I usually choose a hard, dominant color combination in your campaign. For a demanding clientele of the upper class I adapt your motif in color, type, photo and message to their requirements.

Photo & Video Campaigns


With every kind of advertising, whether on your website, for your print campaign or for your TV advertising, good pictures are half the rent. To use these for your campaigns, I have access to some of the largest photo databases in the world where I can license high-quality photographs. If this is not enough, I also organize a photo shoot for each price class, where the images and motifs can be optimally adapted to the message of your campaign.

As a further service, I offer the conception and implementation of commercials, whether for TV or cinema. I work with professional production companies, who work in an optimal collaboration with me and in every sequence of your spot optimally contribute your desired message, which we have worked together before. The range ranges from professional cinema equipment, drone recordings, 360 degree recordings to the booking of actors and models.

Online Marketing


In addition to the search engine optimization (SEO), where your website continues to rise in the Google ranking, the search engine marketing (SEM) is also part my tasks. This type of search engine allows you to display advertisements, so-called sponsor links, in the Google search function. The ads are then adapted to your desired target group and the relevant keywords.

With social media marketing, I manage the accounts of our customers in the networks. In addition to the Facebook support, I have specialized in the development of Instagram accounts. I can sometimes enrich your Instagram account with followers of your target group in a very short time thanks to a special software for the generation of traffic, but also by much manual cooperation.

I would also be happy to cover your newsletters and, thanks to professional marketing software, you can get the most out of your advertising campaigns. After an accurate evaluation of the data, I can present the behavior of your customers to the smallest detail. Starting with the number of opened emails, the clicks on the links, the reading times, and much more. In the case of so-called A / B testing, two variants of your newsletter are also sent to a part of your customers. The more successful version leaves your account with the rest of the recipients.





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