Graphic Design


With every kind of graphics design, I think about the message that should arrive at the customer or the viewer. Starting with the logo, the company design or your printed products such as flyers, brochures or advertising articles, I am your competent partner for a stylish implementation.

Logo Design


Your logo is the first medium to give your customers an impression of your values, quality requirements and pricing. Thus the perception can be controlled by color design, shaping and the actual motif. My thoughts on the development of graphic design and the implementation of your logo go further than simply drawing a motif. If you already have a logo, I also offer the revision as a service. Often a minimal change in color, font or background is sufficient to make the design more demanding.

Branding & Corporate Design


A corporate design (CI) as the first impression of a company influences the customer’s emotional approach. It offers the possibility of an indirect price brokerage through a noble and stylish design, but can also do exactly the opposite effect. My usual services in graphic design are the development of your usual media such as letter and accounting paper, business cards, envelopes, etc., but also the creation of a style to explain to your employees the application of your design in the most important points and to demonstrate the implementation of future or company interior Designers.

Printed Products


Before we start designing, I always ask myself an elementary question. What would you like to achieve with the viewer or what would you like to do with your medium? Under this guide, I will be happy to create any advertising material such as flyers, banners, business cards, stationery, advertisements and much more. But I am also your competent partner for advertising or advertising technology such as outdoor advertising. For every type of printing and advertising products, I work with long-term partners who implement the products according to my specifications.

With every kind of advertising, whether on your website, for your print campaign or for your TV advertising, good pictures are half the rent. To use these for your campaigns, I have access to some of the largest photo databases in the world where I can license high-quality photographs. If this is not enough, I also organize a photo shoot for each price class, where the images and motifs can be optimally adapted to the message of your campaign.





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